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a group of Kelsha Manx kittens
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Manx Kitten Manx Kitten

Brown Tabby and White Van female stubby Manx kitten, photo at 4 months

Manx Kitten Manx Kitten
Black & White female Manx kitten Black & White Van natural riser male Manx kitten

Manx Kitten Manx Kitten
Copper-Eyed White male Manx kitten Blue & White Cymric (Longhair Manx) kitten

Manx Kittens Manx Kitten
Brown Tabby & White female and a Copper-Eyed White male Manx kitten Calico and Black & White Manx kitten

Please e-mail us for availability of similar Manx kittens at:

Retired, altered, young and healthy Manx adults occasionally available free to good homes.

Our kittens in these photos show off the many pretty patterns and color varieties of the word “Bi-Color”. Sometimes there is a lot of color, known as the Tuxedo Pattern, all the way to a Van Pattern, which is almost all white, with small patches of color. Manx are recognized in all colors and patterns except the Siamese colors and markings. At Kelsha, we specialize in whites and bicolors. When you contact us, we will email photos of the special kittens for sale at this time.

We have always had a small cattery with just a few special cats, and because of that we usually have only one or two litters a year, but 2004 will be very different. We hope to have three additional litters with many lovely kittens available.

Our pet kittens are sold altered, with all necessary shots and an exam by our veterinarian, with a Florida State Veterinary Health Certificate, and a guarantee of satisfaction. (See About Manx, Kelsha Vaccine Policy.)

We are always interested in mentoring newcomers who wish to become Manx Fanciers, whether for a pet or a show cat.

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