Here are some gifts for cats and cat lovers that capture the true spirit of Christmas through charitable contribution, and eliminate Christmas commercialism with a focus on arts, crafts, and construction to create inexpensive home-made presents.

Shop at the Humane Domain to Support Animal Welfare

Shop at the Humane Society’s online Humane Domain ( for feel-good gifts that support animal welfare initiatives and programs. The Humane Domain offers great gift ideas for cats and dogs, as well as holiday decorations and clothing and accessories for animal lovers. See “For Kitty” for feline playthings, treats, and furniture. The navigation bar to the left links to other collections, including Christmas gifts for cat lovers, Christmas cards and decorations, and gifts for other occasions including Valentine’s Day. Click on “For Your Home” for links to household items such as pillows, mats, ornaments, and decorative accessories.

Browse the Cat-alog and Purchase Gifts from an Ethical Business

The Kitty Kingdom is a BC-based online catalog that offers a broad array of gifts for cats and cat lovers. Gifts for cats include organic catnip treats and toys, cat dishes, cat carriers, DVDs for cats, cat furniture, interactive cat toys, cat grass, cat collars, cat harnesses and leashes, dental health products for cats, grooming supplies, hairball remedies, litter boxes, scratch posts, and cat activity centers. Gifts for cat lovers include bathroom accessories, books, clothing, collectibles, housewares, jewelery and jewelery boxes, ornaments, stationary supplies, picture frames, stuffed animals, games and puzzles, scrapbooking supplies, yard and garden accessories, and more. Gift baskets can also be purchased.

Cat-alog founder Davena Tarkanen volunteers for the Langley no-kill Canadian Animal Rescue and Extended Shelter (CARES) in her spare time and donates part of the sale proceeds on selected merchandise to animals in need. Cat-alog products can be shipped internationally, and a money-back guarantee is offered. Be sure to click on the “SALE! Items” link for great deals, and those considering adopting a cat should check out the “Adoptable Cats” page for cats and kittens in need of loving homes.

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