Choosing the right brand of cat food can be really confusing. There are so many different brands to choose from. There are many factors involved in choosing the right cat food. Cat owners want the best quality of food they can afford to buy, but it’s got to be tasty, too. It’s important to understand the items on ingredients lists, but when it comes down to it, no matter how nutritious a food may be, if Kitty doesn’t want to eat it, there’s no sense buying it.

Free Cat Food Samples From Manufacturers

The good news is, cat food manufacturers are willing to offer free samples to cat owners. Ordering free samples means cat owners can have a good look at the ingredients list, learn more about the company and let Kitty do a taste test without spending any money up front.

Listing of Manufacturers’ Sites

The Yahoo Canada Directory lists cat food manufacturers in Canada and internationally. Cat owners can go to manufacturer’s sites to learn about each company. Some companies offer freebies on their home page. Cat owners can also email a company they like to request a free sample of cat food or treats.

Internet Freebies: Cat Food Coupons and Samples Online

There are also a number of sites that compile lists of free stuff and coupons. One of these is the Free ‘N’ Clear website. Pet owners can sign up for free newsletters from the site and link to manufacturer’s sites to request samples and information.

Free Cat Food Samples from Veterinarians

Cat owners should also request free samples from their veterinarians. Keep in mind, though, that vets may be biased about the brand they carry because they are retailing it and want your additional business as a cat food buyer. Nevertheless, veterinarians are experts on animal health and make careful, well-informed choices about the brands they carry.

Request Free Samples at Feed Supply Stores

Feed supply stores are also a good place to look for free cat food samples and discount coupons. Feed supply stores often have a reputation for carrying brands of high quality cat food. Read the ingredients and ask the retailer if manufacturers have left any sample packages for customers to try with their cats. Also request any brochures that provide information about the cat food manufacturers whose brands the feed store carries.

Restoring Consumer Confidence After the Melamine Pet Food Crisis

Considering the severe blow to consumer confidence that followed the melamine-containing pet food crisis, cat owners should learn as much as they can about manufacturers before settling on a brand of cat food. Consumers concerned about manufacturers’ use of imported ingredients should ask whether the manufacturer uses all locally produced ingredients or not, for instance.

Let Your Cat Pick Which Cat Food to Buy

Having the opportunity to try cat food samples for free takes the expensive guess work out of the process of choosing the best brand. Take advantage of free sample and coupon offers through freebie sites on the web, request a sample from the vet or a nearby feed supply store. This way, cat owners and their pets can work together to choose the right brand of cat food.

A lot of times we are forced to think on the lines that if we are in a civilized society like how we claim we are how people can still be moronic and even barbaric most days. In light of molestation cases, cases of fraudulent activities and cheats, there is a general resentment for the human in the air. It has become all the more difficult for one person to trust the other and honestly, it is easier to love pets more than people these days.

A pet is more selfless. In a dog eats dog world, the irony of the phrase is that human eat each other figuratively in pursuit of success/fame / money/power. A pet on the other hand only craves your company and nothing else. This selflessness in their nature is what defines them.

A pet is more loyal. Speaking of loyalty, it is a trait absent in most humans these days. In fact, it is said even today that one must learn loyalty from a dog.

A pet is more loving. Unconditional love is what sets the pets apart. They love their family without any demands and their love is not bound by any compulsions of the society. They are just inherently bottomless pits of love.

A pet is more playful. Today, humans have forgotten to laugh and play! Even kids have designated play time so that they can connect to their inner playful self. Pets, on the other hand, are inherently playful by nature. You just cannot resist playing ball with your furry buddy!

A pet is your family. Humans are unreliable, cynical and just generally very wary of other humans. A pet, on the other hand, becomes your family almost instantly and he remains so for the rest of their lives.